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 73. n6vkz_Lee Reply (2011/07/07)
I hope your able to read my first intro from a long story. It has been a long time since I had a qso. I am on 20 meters.

R. Lee Middleton N6VKZ
 HL5KY (2011/08/03)
Hi Lee,
You made it.   Congrats!
 72. n6vkz_Lee Reply (2011/07/07)
I want to see it all works
 71. Sam Reply Modify (2011/05/30)
hi Joe, I just found your web page here. long time no see
how are you doing ?
best 73 and 88
Sam Nakano
 HL5KY (2011/06/01)
Sam, good to see you on my webboard. I have been occupying with new antenna and radio project of mine and friends. When it gets done, I may hit your s-meter. 73 and catch you on the air.
 70. 레인 Reply Modify Del (2011/02/22)
아마추어 무선에 대해 찾다가 우연히 들렸습니다.
잘 보고 갑니다^^
 69. BD4OS  URL  Reply Modify (2010/09/12)
Hello Sir,I'm visiting Pusan and Kyungnam,would you like  tell me where is Korea amateur radio club near my hotel?my hotel name is Hotel international address 97-4 Jungang-dong Changwon Kyungnam,I only visit club after 20:00 because the trip is a public,thanks!
I will check the page later,73
 HL5KY (2010/09/15)
Hi Mike. both Pusan and Changwon use call area number 5. You can find many of them on Echolink. enjoy your visit to Changwon. 73, HL5KY.
 Mike Gao Modify Del (2010/09/15)
Tnx HL5KY,if like to QSO via Echolink,so which callsign prefix is Pusan or Changwon,I can't find a map for the korean callsign.
thanks again!
 HL5KY (2010/09/12)
Changwon is about 50kms west from Pusan. I do not know any active HAMs in the area however a club staion, DS0XP seems to be active in Changwon and HAMs like DS5PPX and 6K5BOX are active members in the club. You may get their email address at QRZ.COM and contact them directly. Hope this helps. HL5KY.
 68. Daniel DL1OFC  URL  Reply Modify Del (2010/02/19)
Hello Bernie VK4BTF mny TNX fer Contact on 20 meter, small Signal but nice Contact. Hope to meet you again.

73 de Daniel DL1OFC
 67. alfred Reply Modify Del (2009/08/04)
Hello ,my friend ,this  alfred, How are you doing these days ? we haven"t meet lately, I hope you and your family are doing fine. we are doing fine. drop me a few lines hope you ha ve a little time.My address is P.O.Box 275,Zamboanga City,Philippines.
 66. ah8t Reply Modify Del (2009/01/12)
Joe,  Hope you and Yuni have a great New Year 2009!  We have new calls now:  AH8T and AH8S  We saw our names and information on your web page from Guam and Alaska when we operated as KH2HB and KH2HM.

Hope to hear from you!

Ricky and Lorena Martin
 65. alfredo sarau Reply Modify (2008/12/13)
hello Joe, I would like to extend my Yuletide Greetings to you and your family.Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to you and your family.
 HL5KY (2008/12/20)
Hello Fred, we also wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
 64. K5HUM  URL  Reply Modify (2008/06/18)
Hi Joe,
I guess I have been missing you on EchoLink (and PopNote!)

73 Mike
 HL5KY (2008/06/19)
Haven't been vy active but still alive. I saw u on Echolink last week with (1). Hope I CU again.
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